Friday, December 3, 2010

What is New for 2010

We are back again this year after a great season for growing trees. Weather has worked in our favor and our trees are the best we have every been able to bring to the city.

The technology era ever so slowly creeps in on our agrarian life and we have succumbed to creating a website. As painful and confusing as it is we are really pleased with it and suggest you check it out at Along with some of the info we have shared with you all here there is the addition of more great pictures of our farm, trees and what it takes to get the trees to New York City.

This year we have a new location in Park Slope at All Saints Church across from the Methodist Hospital on Seventh Avenue. Our long time friend Luke is spending his first season with us and taking on the challenge of running a new lot, so if you happen to be in the area, stop by, say hello and check it out. Luke will be selling trees, wreaths and maple syrup like our other locations.

Speaking of locations here is the full list for your reference:
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS; 157 Montague at Clinton Street, St. Ann's Church
COBBLE HILL; 316 Clinton Street at Kane Street, Christ Church
PARK SLOPE; 780 Union at Park Slope Food Co-op
PARK SLOPE; 286 7th Ave. at 7th St, All Saints Church
CLINTON HILL/FORT GREEN; 350 Clinton Ave. at Lafayette Ave.
WINDSOR TERRACE; 456 16th Street at Prospect Park West